17-2-2017: The main databases of the world economy: management and use
The World Bank
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 8-2-2017: Fractional Integration Vs Structural Change: Testing the convergence of CO2 emissions
University of Birmingham
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 22-9-2016: Does Economic Activity in Kazakhstan respond asymmetrically to energy price shocks?
University of Newcastle
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 21-4-2016: Product and Process Innovation and Total Factor Productivity: Evidence for Manufacturing in 4 Latin American Countries
Universidad de Valencia
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 11-3-2016: Export prices, quality and distance: Evidence from Spain.
University of Sheffield
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 27-5-2015: "Subsidies, financial constraints and firm innovative activities in developing economies"
Simona Mateut

 23-4-2015: The Phillips Curve and the Role of the Monetary Policy: A Cointegrated VAR Application to Chilean data.
Leonardo Salazar Vergara
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 26-2-2014: Networks and the dynamics of firms' export portfolio: Evidence for Mexico
Francisco Requena Silvente
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 22-1-2014: "El sesgo pas como ndice de apertura comercial: Una aplicacin para la relacin IDE-Comercio"
Valeriano Martnez San Romn
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 15-5-2013: Technology Spillover Effects and Economic Integration: Evidence from Integrating Countries
Kurt A. Hafner
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 3-4-2012: Offshoring and Job Flows
Jos Luis Groizard  

 28-2-2012: Availability of Business Services and Foreign Direct Investment by French Firms
Lizza Jabbour

 20-12-2011: Comercio Intra-Europeo e Inversin Directa Extranjera. Un enfoque de efectos frontera
Valeriano Martnez SanRomn
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 8-11-2011: Spatial Exporters
Fabrice Defever
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 25-10-2011: Current Issues in EU Trade Policy
Robert Hine