Inmaculada Martínez Zarzoso


PhD University of Birmingham (Reino Unido), 1998
MA in Economics, University of Birmingham 1994
Degree in Economics and Business Administration, University of Valencia, 1990

Líneas de Investigación

  • Next Generation Integration Agreements
  • Development Aid and Trade
  • International Trade and Environment
  • Globalization and Economic Development
    • Exports and Governance. Is the Middle East and North Africa Different? (2019), with Marquez-Ramos, L., The World Economy 42 (1), 143-174. IF: 0.933.
    • Supply-chain Trade and Labor Market Outcomes: The Case of the 2004 European Union Enlargement (2018), with Kaplan, L.C. and Kohl, T., Review of International Economics 26 (2), 481-506. IF: 1.060
    • The Trade-off Between Income Inequality and Carbon Dioxide Emissions (2017), with Grunewald, N., Klasen, S. and Muris, C., Ecological Economics 142, 249-256. IF: 2.965.
    • Did the Kyoto Protocol Fail? An Evaluation of the Effect of the Kyoto Protocol on CO2 Emissions (2016), with Grunewald, N., Environment and Development Economics, 21 (1), 1-22. IF: 0.985.


    Universitat Jaume I